Pricing mistakes every business makes

Setting a pricing policy and regularly reviewing those prices and strategies allows you to price for profit and success

Pricing mistakes every business makesHave you ever bought something and thought that there’s something not right about the price? Maybe it seemed too cheap or you felt you were getting ripped off. Pricing is tricky and a stressor for many business people. Are we too high and scaring away customers? Our competitors are priced lower than us, should we…

Did lululemon make a mistake giving away free clothes?

How much leeway do you give your employees to be generous with your products or services?

Did lululemon make a mistake giving away free clothes?Brad Bonner was in a panic that June morning in Victoria. His luggage had been lost and he had an important meeting in a few hours. Getting up early, he walked the downtown streets looking to see which store would be open the earliest where he could buy some suitable clothing. He discovered that lululemon…

Trust the Trojan Rig in the fight for the minds of Canadians

The big challenge is convincing Canadians to be courageous enough to take off the blinkers that have so effectively sidelined them to date

Trust the Trojan Rig in the fight for the minds of CanadiansMost everyone is familiar with the Trojan Horse tale. Can Canada's oil and gas sector learn something from the ancient Greeks? Perhaps. Think Trojan Rig. Here's the one-minute refresher: The Greeks had been laying siege, rather fruitlessly, to the the city of Troy. Frustrated after a decade, they built a massive wooden horse and left…
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