Canadian businesses not ready for digital transformation

64 per cent do not think their technology helps them be productive while working in the office or remotely

Canadian businesses not ready for digital transformationA new report says two-thirds of Canadian businesses are not ready for digital transformation and many employees are dissatisfied with tech workplace tools.  The study by Beagle Research Group was sponsored by Zoho comes at a time when the COVID-19 pandemic has forced many businesses to transform their operations to digital as more employees work…

Pandemic increases importance of innovation

Business professors see long-term growth possibilities in post-pandemic landscape

Pandemic increases importance of innovationJoseph Doucet sees no economic upside to the global pandemic, at least in the short term. “There’s no sector, really, that’s immune,” said Doucet, dean of the Alberta School of Business. “We don’t know how long this will last, we don’t know how deep the damage will be.” Yet as COVID-19 continues to pummel the world…

Creativity in business must be tested

Using practical measures to test the validity of our creative output is even more essential than the creativity itself

Creativity in business must be testedWhen I was a boy, our family of eight lived in a small house. In the corner of the basement was an art room for my father. In the evenings and sometimes on weekends through long winters, he would go down and work on his oil paintings. I remember watching him as he mixed his…
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