Debunking the myth of immigrant assimilation

Language, religious laws and practices, cultural and culinary traditions all function to discourage, prevent or, at the very least, slow down assimilation

Debunking the myth of immigrant assimilationThere are approximately 260 million immigrants in the world. An immigrant is defined as someone residing in a country other than their place of birth. Of that number, roughly 50 million are “illegal immigrants” who lack official authorization to reside in their host country. In 2017, roughly 3.4 per cent of the world’s population of…

Polar opposites: where’s the middle ground in politics?

By better understanding how various political factions differ, perhaps we can help close some fundamental gaps in society

Polar opposites: where’s the middle ground in politics?North American political polarization is on the rise. Those on the left appear to move ever further to the left, while those on the right find less and less in common with fellow citizens. The political rhetoric has escalated to a toxic level. Half of Americans are labelled sexist, racist, homophobic and Islamophobic; a basket…

Do immigrants work harder?

With limited resources to fall back on and failure not an option, newcomers buckle down and make the most of their new life

Do immigrants work harder?When Henry Novak and his brothers arrived in Canada in 1967 to escape a lack of opportunity in their native Slovenia, they had no option but to work hard. They came without money or English. They hoped to get a job with their brother Tony, who preceded them ito Canada and was working as a…
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