Ways to start online casino business from scratch

Online casinos are the dream of many entrepreneurs. It seems that this is a simple business that will immediately bring money. But like any other business, gambling needs to be operated wisely – only then it will be truly successful. And its launch should also be taken carefully, since it contains many nuances.

Stages of creating an online casino:

  • market analysis and preparation of a business plan;
  • paperwork and purchase of a license;
  • domain selection;
  • casino software, slots (purchase / rental / development);
  • website development and software integration;
  • casino launch;
  • marketing activities.

As you can see, opening a casino yourself is not an easy task, you will have to spend a lot of time and money. Keep in mind that there may still be all sorts of difficulties, for example, with the registration of a license.

But there is an easier way to open a gambling business – buy a ready-made casino. In this case, you do not worry for anything and not responsible for each stage of development. You pay a certain amount of money and as a result you get your business ready. Before you will read further look at the list of online casino brands here, to get an overall look on this type of business.

Creating an online casino: why it’s profitable?

According to a report presented by H2 Gambling Capital independent consulting company, the share of the online sector continues to grow rapidly and has already reached 67% of the total market. At the same time, mobile platforms (the new trend of 2018-2019) account for more than 80% of the traffic.

By the end of 2018, the industry’s turnover reached 44.1 billion USD. According to experts, by 2023, gambling sector revenues will exceed 56-56 billion USD. At the same time, there is a rapid growth of the “white” market. Today, legal operators have occupied more than 60.1% of the market, and by 2022 the “gray” suppliers will almost disappear altogether. Experts believe that over the next 4 years, the percentage of illegal sites will be reduced to 8-9%.


Online casino

Creating an online casino: how to choose the perfect option

Turnkey-solution. In this case, the company that will complete your order takes all the care. They will develop unique software for you or negotiate with software suppliers, select games (you can choose the selection together or trust the experienced opinion of the contractor), get a license, draw up documents. In some cases, the company even accompanies your casino after its release and launch. In the end, the customer will receive a project that will function normally and bring money.

Advantages: no need to create a casino yourself, you will have a reliable executor and a consultant in the future. If the company is decent enough, you will get a quality product in the end. Complete independence – you do not need to search and hire the employees and specialists.

Cons: possible high cost or unreliable contractor. Read reviews and documents before starting a collaboration with one company or another.


It allows you to buy a brand from a certain company to use its franchise, business processes, and to receive consultations. Thus, the franchisor expands its network, and the franchisee receives an enterprise with a name that already know by clients. This is very convenient because it allows you to start a good business in a short time.

Advantages: there is no need to go through all the stages of opening a casino. It’s enough to buy a franchise, make a website and you can start your work. Consultations from the franchisor.

Cons: the franchise has its own rules, which can be quite stringent, and they will have to be followed. Franchise fees are not always acceptable. The casino, or rather its name, does not belong to you; you use someone else’s product.

Casino script

This is the code you buy and embed in your website. It is inexpensive, so the option seems to be profitable and the service is popular. But this cheapness has its own rationale: usually the script is not ready for momentary use. It needs to be substantially modified.

Advantages: low cost, ease of management.

Cons: the need for improvement of the script, which can result in monetary and temporary losses. Often low-quality product.

Sale of pre-made White Label online casinos

In this case, you are looking for an office that will sell you an already created casino with a license and all the necessary software. In other words, you get a finished dish that needs to be served beautifully.

Advantages: does not require special time and money costs, especially compared to the development of a casino. Simple launch. Own brand.

Cons: Dependence on the company that granted the license. Lack of choice of game content. It is not so easy to obtain consent to use such a casino.

Turnkey online casino cost

A few words about the price. It is very different for several ways of creating an institution: a script can cost $ 200, and a franchise can cost tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars. The gaming business, if it is of high quality and aimed at continuous development, cannot be cheap.

To understand the cost, you need to talk with the contractor and tell him about all your wishes. Based on the information received, he will calculate the final price.

Now you know a few answers to the question of how to create a turnkey online casino. You just need to find a reliable partner, and everything will be performed at the highest level. For example, buying or renting a Win & Win Casino system is a sure step towards your own successful gambling business. Do not miss this opportunity.


We hope our article will help you make the right choice. The opportunities for opening your own gambling project are vast, and it’s difficult to navigate them. Attempts to save money can result in financial losses or a complete collapse of a startup. Having addressed specialists immediately, you will receive a finished product and guarantees of business success.

Turnkey casino is a profitable comprehensive service that ensures operator independence and a high percentage of payback for a new brand.

This content is a joint venture between our pblication and our partner. Our publication does not endorse any product in the article.

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