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Dating expert and matchmaker Krystal Walter: always be open and don't prepare a list of what you believe to be the perfect partner

Krystal Walter is a Matchmaker and Dating Expert, with Krystal Walter Matchmaking,

Krystal Walter
Krystal Walter

Why has the online dating world exploded in recent years?

Walter: Everything is done online nowadays. People are glued to their phones, and want everything to be readily accessible at their fingertips, including dating. It seems that the days of meeting someone in the library or at the park are over. However, dating online isn’t the most efficient way to date either. It’s all about quantity or quality. If you want to go on tons of dates and sift through the catfishes, the liars, and the one-time-hook-ups then date online. If you’d rather go on quality dates with people who picked just for you, then call a matchmaker.

How did you get involved in matchmaking? 

Walter: I myself tried matchmaking and online dating before starting my own business. I know what it’s like to hire a matchmaker, and how tiring it can be when trying to make a connection online. I am very personable, my clients know they can be honest with me and I will always try my best to find them the best matches possible. My team and I have created a fun, fresh, creative approach to matchmaking. I guess I’m a hopeless romantic!

How does the process work? And who are the people who choose to hire a matchmaker, dating expert?

Walter: I meet each new client face to face for a consultation. During the consultation, I asses their wants and needs and customize their matching process. Once we create their profile, they visit our coach who assists with the matching process and supports the clients throughout their journey. After clients have visited our coach, they meet with our professional photographer to take some profile pictures. Once completed, the matches begin. I always make sure to follow up after each match to get their feedback on the date, which helps me when making the next match. Some clients are happy with their first match, while others might need to go on a few dates before settling down with one of their matches. Timing is different for everyone.

A majority of my clients are busy, educated, professionals who typically cannot be dating online due to confidentiality, occupation, or public image. Some of my clients have tried online dating and felt it was too overwhelming, so they reach out to me for some direction. Some were married for 30+ years and need some guidance and coaching starting fresh after a divorce.

Where do most people go wrong when looking for a partner? 

Walter: I often find people have a list or an idea in their mind of the perfect partner that they focus too hard on. Instead, being open to meeting new people and focusing on the great qualities in interesting people will help you get to your relationship goals. Always be open rather than sticking to a list which will restrict you and your possibilities. You never know until you try!

What are the key ingredients to finding “the one”? How do you know? 

Walter:  Chemistry is everything! I like to say ‘you’ll know when you know’. The instant chemistry you have with someone upon meeting them is what fuels the fire to your relationship. Find someone who matches your humour and aspirations and the rest will fall into place.

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