Adding, changing photos on your website

How to make your DIY photo shoot a success and, most importantly, give you some amazing images to use to grow your business

Adding, changing photos on your websitePhotos are an important part of any social media feed. And along with stock photos, you need to incorporate some photos of you, your team, your product, your office, etc. If you aren’t in a position to hire a photographer every quarter, you are going to have to do the photo shoot yourself. That means…

Get the most out of your online meetings

We went from in-person meetings to chaos-driven online meetings. And we didn’t stop to learn how to run these meetings

Get the most out of your online meetingsFor the past six months, business meetings have definitely looked a little different. People are utilizing Zoom calls, Google Meet or Microsoft Teams to replace the in-person meeting. Some don’t like mask protocol, some have their kids at home with them and some just see the advantage of having an online meeting (with one person…

Get your raving fans to help drive business growth

Offer them amazing discounts and perks to make sure they know how important they are to your business, then let them spread the word

Get your raving fans to help drive business growthOur online customer buying journey is about to come full circle. We’ve gone from someone first hearing about you all the way to a regular customer becoming a raving fan and helping you grow your business. Let’s recap what we’ve talked about in the past few weeks: We started with interest and awareness. Someone already…
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